Dax - Eminem "Rap God" Remix [One Take Video]

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Shot by: Logan Meis
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btw if u made it this deep in the description you are a real one. there is too many lyrics to fit in here so i couldnt post them. They should be in my pinned post in the comment section! Let's go crazy!!! WE ARE THE LABEL

  • Dax


    10 күн мурун

    [LYRICS BELOW] LIKE, Comment and Share🔥 200k likes and you UNLOCK ________ _ 👀🤯 if not I’m switching GENRES...

    i aint putting no one on a pedestal
    i don't BEEF when I ME(a)T with a BEAT i might SPIT but i promise i'm not HOMOSEXUAL
    i got bars in a TANDEM they WALK ON A LINE with the LITERAL and HYPOTHETICAL
    niggas is SNAKES all the WEED in the GRASS got it HI-on the-LOW like it's off of an EDIBLE
    i've been speaking but people don't notice
    i'm BIDEN (JOE-BID(ing)EN) my TIME i might fuck around and change my handle to P.O.T.U.S bars UNITED-the-STATE(s) of my mind is as big as TEXAS-so they can't even-HOLD'EM
    you gotta SE(a) what i'm SPITTING it's DEEP if SINK i might SAVE you by pulling a MOSES and parting the WATER inside of your system creating the movement that they call OSMOSIS
    i'm not a LYRICAL MIRACLE GOD couldn't give you this skill is you PRAYED and had sex with bitch named SYLLABE
    i bet that half of my dick is a quarter of an inch over double the african typical
    i got the skill of a veteran mixed with the mind of a serial criminall that's why my numbers are BLOWING but you think i SUCK when i SPIT and these legends pretend i'm invisible
    i'm not even that cynical, i'm barely at my pinnacle
    don't wanna rap fast so I know it's hypocritical you niggas pitiful if you think you're better than me it's BLASPHEME my rap skill is better and my visuals can't be beat i'm better and i'm original, double the skill of any individual, tripple the speed and not even admissable, but very clickable, and non traditional, i'm unpredictable and way to fucking analytical
    i got COMPUTER PARTS inside my BRAIN
    i hit up BILL-when i rap and he tells me he's coming and then he opens up the-GATE(s)
    i'm not a MONKEY but bitch im a STAR-and-a-KING-like-KONG-and-BATHING-APE
    if you got a PROBLEM with me the EQUATION to SOLVE IT is DAX=GREAT
    you don't COMPUTE
    your MUSICs better on MUTE
    I got the ANGLE on you
    3 HEADED MONSTER my raking is 90 you're barely a 50 your ANGLE's ACUTE
    i got a STAR SPANGLED BANNER with wRAPPERS i'm better than chilling inside of my room
    they get more SHINE on a NATIONAL LEVEL but couldn't BEAR ARMS that I have MOVED
    this isn't confidence this is practice
    i'm bout to FLEX like LACTIC ACID
    i don't chase money or bitches but somehow they find me like i'm a fucking magnet, magnet, mag mag MAGNET,
    every song i drops a fucking classic
    i SEW seeds that you can't see success was woven in my FABRIC
    from the basement to the attic
    independent my (ILL)MATIC flow is SICK i cannot COUGH cause if i do they might just CATCH IT
    who you know do it better no matter the weather?
    who you know makes it RAIN and makes you get an umbrella
    i SUPLEX these bars and make them FLIP then FULL NELSON - MANDELA
    i got a TRIPLE ENTENTE and a SIMILE BOMB METAPHORICALLY TEACHING SEMESTERS to prove to you people i've MASTER(s)ed the art and a PHd is what i've got to PROFESSOR the next generation of rapper who's level will need to be better in order last in a space where you're barely remembered unless you succumb to the pressure of acting a fool or just whatever to garner you numbers and sell you some records while putting in half of the effort vs someone like me who they say ISN'T shit but is one of the BEST EVER
    what they gonna say now
    what they gonna say when i'm MAKING MOVES like a GREYHOUND
    what they gonna do when the HANGING ON like a PLAYGROUND
    so many BARS they can't even motherfucking breakdown-breakdown-breakdown
    ass up bitch get ya face down, I will never motherfucking laydown
    say now, dax is what they motherfucking PLAY now
    music for the people that will never get PLAYED out
    this is a breakdown
    i ain't BEEFING unless i'm at a STEAKHOUSE
    i move QUICK like i'm grabbing some TAKEOUT
    all transactions are done through my paypal, anyways
    back to the subject i'm THROWING THEM UP like it's out of the STOMACH
    i'm FISTING the GAME got my hand up your ASS so its BROW I feel like i'm controlling a puppet
    i'm at McDONALDS in DENVER i told them they should of assumed that I wanted some NUGGETS
    they got some fries and a drink for the GANG-so-i-BANGED on the window and told them to suck it
    i'm out of control
    i got booked for a MURDER the BEAT that i KILLED is what payed my PAROLE
    i don't use GUN BARS unless i'm OUT and i need to RELOAD
    then i EXPLODE and CHANNEL my agression out to a REMOTE location that you cannot reach without a boat and lots of patince you're mistaken if you think I will not w(R)ap you in some bacon and then feed you to a JEWISH CELEBRATION that i'm at because of someone i was dating
    do not PLAY-at my-STATION the X-in the-BOX that t i chose was for caucasian
    i would of chose black but then there's half the chance i would of got the job i need to make payments
    i'm not PLAYING P.S.5 of the last chicks i fucked were ASAIN
    i'm not CHINA (trynna) do it but TAIWAN (i want) to say that i'm not hating
    fuck i'm amazing i should play for PORTLAND i'm TRAIBLAZING
    i had a dream i rapped naked then cock slapped satan
    i DREAD rap like i'm JAMAICAN
    SAK PASSE to all my HATIANS
    i don't JERK-my-CHICKEN often i RICE PEAS and get creative
    i'm not overrated. i'm overhated
    people call me corny cuz im c c c c creative
    you're the OPPOSITE of what you do when you're CONSTIPATED
    then try to tell the people that i'm not in the conversation
    fuck all the awards and all the stupid nominations
    i;ve about the show the definition of domation
    i'm about to fuck it with the deadliest combination of RAP SING
    eint nobody fucking with me when I get to rapping
    i am the definition of a nigga who's smashing, everlasting (breath) gasping, attacking,adapting,
    this beat is like a TANK that i'm GASSING
    they will never get the concepts i'm grasping
    so they make jokes and starting laughing
    and trashing and bashing chanting
    while i'm constantly surpassing levels that I used to be on way back when
    i felt like i was JOHN PAXON back in MJ'S show LAST DANCE when splashing THAT SHOT fucking happend
    i'm not human my constant improvements bout to start a revolution
    i X-MEN out of the EQUATION like a MUTANT
    if there's better put our lyrics side by side and fucking prove it
    shoutout EMINEM they way they treat me i just might LOSE IT HAHAHAHAHA
    i'm not superstitious, i'm spiritual i'm not religious
    i PRAY to GOD everytime that i MURDER a beat on my KNEES and i ask for FORGIVENESS
    i'm bout to BALE- on you niggas like CHRISTIAN, then CATHOLIC all of you into SUBMISSION then go to the CHURCH that I grew up in and talk to the DEACON and ask why he TOUCHED all those CHILDREN
    you people SEE IT but you don't have VISION
    i'm not a PIECE you can put in POSITION
    i don't play CHESS and i CHECK'D-MATE you HEAR but you do not LISTEN
    so many LINES i'm about to go FISHING
    i'm COOKING it up like it's out of the KITCHEN
    they call me a PUSSY i think that it's funny because i just bought me a couple of KITTENS
    they cannot COMPETE there is no COMPETITION
    i stay in the CUT like a couple of STITCHES
    i'm not a TRAIN on these BEATS like these RAPPERS in HOLLYWOOD do to these VIDEO VIXENS
    i'm not STOPPING, ima do it OFTEN
    won't FALL or LEAF (leave) like the TREES in AUTUMN
    i'm WINTER COLD so i got them COUGHING
    they'll SCREAM my NAME like their at an AUCTION
    don't JACK my flow or i'll get it POPPIN'
    then BRUSH IT OFF and get back to FLOSSIN'
    my DRIP is real I don't gotta FOSSIT (force it)
    i'm MICHAEL SCOTT how i'm in THE OFFICE, i'll make you nauseous
    this is not TIK-TOK rap, i don't got TIME FOR THAT
    i'm A HEAD that's why they talk BEHIND MY BACK
    that went OVER YOURS and right UP YOUR ASS
    only person i can THROW them at is NO LIFE SHAQ
    i kill it, so much DRIP i got SPILLAGE
    so many BARS i could FEED a VILLAGE
    i'm POPping their EYEs, i'm one of a kind
    you can tell i eat my SPINACH
    i'm SETTING A RECORD will somebody pretty please call GUINESS
    i see RED when i'm in my ZONE like its 4TH AND INCHES
    don't blink you just might miss it
    i am the best in this business
    get another person to do what i've done without no recognition, that's no playlists or assistance from major label system or the radio and zero time on any television
    go DRINK OJ- and watch-SIMPSONS i bet you won't find a witness
    what i got to do to get it through to you i'm motherfucking dax and i'm motherfucking immovable
    if anybodies better than put us inside a cubicle and let us rap it out and i promise i'll make it beautiful
    this shit is in my veins so i'm taking these pharmaceuticals
    they need to lock me up cause i'm barring up like a juvenile
    i'm about to get it poppin i'm never stopping you better procede with caution i'm rapping and paying homage and lyrically giving i'm brutally fucking honest and everybody know's i spit firery flames i'm saying as-salamu alaykum to my aris in the middle of the east and my habibis in the himalayas
    better respect it when you motherfucking speak on my name
    i'm ready burn down everything that tries to get in my way
    i'm ready to turn up on the industry and fuck up the game
    i'm fucking insane,
    and my names DAX and i'm a GOD so don't use it in VEIN
    i use to be a janitor...

    • D.J. LOZO

      D.J. LOZO

      20 саат мурун

      And yeah share this video again...

    • Dakota Smithson

      Dakota Smithson

      2 күн мурун

      You are the only rapper I know of that remixes songs with 100% original lyrics and makes it sound better than the original version. Never quit making you rhymes

    • LIL IXEE

      LIL IXEE

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      Kro Kola

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    • Bugha


      8 күн мурун

      THIS SONG IS STOLEN PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO ITS ORIGINAL SONG .........kglove.info/sun/video/jXzGlaWiwtqi3mY.html

  • Iredpanda _bear

    Iredpanda _bear

    8 мүнөт мурун

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      Jenna Torres

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