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Here's the tier list:
I'm an idiot and made the tier list to have an A+ instead of an S and didn't realize until I was almost done with the video but whatever the concept is the same. That website is kinda sketchy too for making a tier list. I wanted to make a tier list and it wanted me to sign up with a twitter account and requested ALL ACCESS to my twitter account. And there's no other website that lets you make tier lists so I just made a different twitter account so that I could make the tier list anyway. And it's only shady for making tier lists you can use tier lists for free without account access.

Also I am so tired cuz I needed to get this video done by literally today and I procrastinated a ton and stayed up really late to make sure it was finished. Idk why I do these things to myself. But it was a fun video so whatever! I always feel like I am worried about telling a story correctly and making sure it makes sense but for this I'm literally just ranking doors. No pressure at all. And that made it more enjoyable to make. I just need to get better about procrastination is all.
thanks for watching ❤️ hope you liked it.
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    And of course, last but not least, who could forget **battle against a machine**

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    Andrew flores

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    dont become a furry

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    You forgot the most annoying of them: minecraft door connected to a redstone clock

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    Car door

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    I'm 37 years old... Why am I into this? Oh wait..right....the Autistic spectrum...

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    Doors?! Animation?! Animal Crossing Musics?! What more could you want? This video goes in the S tier of my video tier list that admittedly doesn't exist... but if it did, this video would definitely be S tier.

  • purplehedgehog23


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    I have not watched the rest of the video yet but I have to say that this has been one of my favourite ad reads ever

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    Is a mood any artist should feel.

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    8-Ball 2021-2021

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    The pogchamp You suck

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    Gaming Elementalist

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    I'm new here but is there a reason "ice cream sandwich"s pfp is him eating pizza as opposed to some other food he could be eating that he might have possibly named his persona and channel after?

    • Gaming Elementalist

      Gaming Elementalist

      6 күн мурун

      Or alternatively, is there some other reason he calls himself Ice cream sandwich unrelated to actually eating the food I guess?

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