Is Mavic Air 2 The Last Drone You Should Ever Buy?

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How does the Mavic Air 2 stack up against other DJI drones?
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The crazy pace that DJI is releasing new drones all the time it can be difficult to know if you should upgrade or not. So which do you get? Well, the good news is we put these 4 drones through their paces so that you can make an informed decision as to if you should upgrade to the Mavic air 2 or not. In this detailed real-life comparison, we explore the pros and cons of:
• Price 0:47
• Weight and size 1:09
• Camera Sensor Size 1:46
• Obstacle Avoidance Sensors 2:06
• Controller Comparison 2:26
• Flight time 2:44
• Top speed 3:12
• Range capabilities 3:30
• Obstacle Avoidance Comparison 4:28
• High-Speed Tracking 6:02
• Wind resistance (Leaf Blower Test) 6:56
• Photo Sharpness Comparison 9:04
• Low Light Test 9:42
• Dynamic Range Video Comparison 10:01
• What Drone Should You buy? 11:17
I was completely blown away while creating this review between the Mavic Air 2 vs the other drones. I have my opinion but which do you like the best? Are you planning on upgrading or downgrading? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Editor: Ben Anderson, Adam Orchard
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    Mavic Air 2 seems to be really great and if i was buying one at the time for my motorcycle trips, that would be the choice.
    I just don't like having to use the smartphone on the controller. Yes, we can use Air 2 with the Smart Controller but it's extremely expensive.
    Wish DJI released a Air 3 with 1 CMOS, side sensors and with the option to buy it with the Smart Controller instead of the normal one.
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    Hi there I really would love to buy this drone ASAP for $699 mavic air 2. but you guys don't ship to Namibia (zip code 9000)
    Can you help me out?
    I really need to have the done drone by the 1st of December.
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  • RemyRAD


    2 ай мурун

    Wow. Just think about that. I almost purchased a drone from that first $1200 government check. Why didn't I? What the hell is wrong with me? Oh yeah. I have actual brain damage. That's why I need a Drone. I don't know where I am where I've been or where I'm going? I think I have Old Timers disease? Without a drone. OTDWD, syndrome. What am I going to do? Somebody please help me! I'm falling into deep senility. And I need to be playing with some joysticks. As my husband died 6 years ago.
    So, yeah. With the next government subsidy survival check. DJI MAVIC Air-2 Fly More Combo. Yup. And perhaps a refurbished unit. I like refurbished equipment. Because you know. It worked once before. When it was new. Now that it is new. And I'll name it the Phoenix. Or, Phoenix Junior-2? Or, Little Phoenix. But then I wouldn't want it to fall into the River. Because then they will both be dead. One is bad enough. And 2 just doesn't hold water. It just leaks out. It's got too many holes in it. And they never included those lightweight foam life preserver landing gear. So that they float. I mean the best looking shots are flying over water. They didn't design needs to fly over water. It doesn't matter that it has 4 motors. It can't fly over water on 3. So they need to have lightweight foam float landing gear. Just use thinner plastic on top to make up for the weight differential. It's only going to be 2 g. Hardly enough to get you high. But plenty to keep you afloat. If you are a little drone that doesn't want to drown. Nobody likes to see a drone drowning. It would have to be very droll to want to see a drone drowning. And what did that little drone ever do to you? All I tried to do was lift your sagging spirits. But you have been lifting your sagging spirits for plenty of years now. And that's why you are now a self-employed drone pilot. Like the rest of us.
    I was arrested. For recording rock 'n' roll while intoxicated. I couldn't get out of my seat from behind the audio console. I was arrested behind the audio console. I rested my arms on the audio console. And I have been in that solitary confinement now for more than 50 years! And who the hell did I kill? I killed it with my rock 'n' roll mixes. And their electron ashes were scattered all over the world. And all emanated from my fingertips on my audio console. I was the great audio God in the sky. With no motors. No props. Just pot. And some extremely good rock 'n' roll equipment and technique. Like this:
    Now that's how you fly live, by the seat of your pants. With the fader in one hand. And holding the pipe with the other. And making sure you don't crash. When you are live on the air. Flying through the air. Projecting all of these little electrons out into the air. And in control of every little electron leaving my fingertips. That's why I have 4 major music award nominations for doing stuff like this. Just like this. This is all live. This is not preprogrammed. This is not preplanned. Not rehearsed. No walkaround. No preflight check. No sound check. I didn't even know what airline country these bands were from. I never heard them before. But I had to mix them live. And get them to the other side. Without crashing and burning and dying on-air. And so I am a barnstorming style broadcast Music Audio Recording Engineer. And the first 14 cuts. Represents the first few weeks. I had my recording studio. The size of the DC 3. Without the wings. In the backyard of this nightclub for almost a year. These are all experimental flight recordings you will hear, hear. I mean here. Also there. Hearing that here. And there. Austin, Texas that I recorded 2 years ago. Live live all live. No remixes. All haphazard. I do. What is known as. Reel, Real, Rock & Roll, Technical Role in my technique. Even when no Reels are actually involved anymore. It's more like little bubbles. Micro scopic bubbles. As in microscopic, bubbles. And we do Micro Sonic Audio.
    I am definitely enjoying my senility. Hi. My name is Remy. What's yours? Hi. What's for dinner tonight? Boogaloo Proud Boy Baby Food? W a H! Where's my MapO? And all-you-can-eat clams at Howard Johnson's on Wednesday nights! I want my clams! So I can get a MAVIC Air-2.

  • RemyRAD


    2 ай мурун

    I mean I just want to thank you for this excellent. Most excellent review. Of precisely what I have been looking at and pondering. And then all of those other lesser expensive drones. Yeah no. In the end. Most look like crap. Fine for fun. Not fine for serious professionals. And your review made a huge difference. It was Professional. Gee golly wow how did that happen? It's because some of us are professionals. Isn't that amazing? Not everybody on YouTube is an amateur. Thank you sir. You are a refreshing breath of a drone clobbered breeze.
    So now I just need a go fund me page. For a MavicPro-2. But really I think I like that Air-2. After all I am an, Air Head. I've always been a Head. Since I was a teenager in the mid-1970s. I know how to get a Head, in life. He lived 2 doors down from me. Sometimes he would reciprocate and come over to my recording studio. Instead of me going over to his all of the time. We had a good studio working relationship. Until he switched over to being a drone salesman. Some 10+ years ago. He got in early. And now he won't return my fucking calls. Because he knows I'm the Jew that wants a discount from him. And since I did a lot of good things for him. He's in business to make a profit. And so I will likely purchase my drone from DJI directly. Since he's not returning my calls. He's lost a sale. I was really put off by that. He was my friend for 20 years. So now I'm I just have to go into competition with him later? I taught him everything he knows. About video and photography and cinematic videography.
    Your course, your book, looks worthwhile for anybody that is interested. You are a professional. You know how to deliver the proper language. For people to understand. And you've done your homework. A + in my book. You'll go far kiddo. Ronnie Howard is going to need you for his next movie. Or maybe John Carpenter. Stephen King? Somebody who's going to require his spooky looking drone shots. And you will be the man that can deliver! And no longer just the pizza. Or the beer. Or the virus. But some cinematic beauty and goodness. Because you know what you're doing. Unlike 99% of the other reviewers on YouTube. Expert rank amateurs, all of them. Some are about as articulate as a walrus. Cuckoo a chew. What? Did you say, Cuckoo a chew? No. That was Tom Brokaw. I worked with him for about 10 years. He had a speech impediment. And many times he said words that sounded like, Cuckoo a chew.
    So during the commercial break. The director would push the button and ask him in his ear. Tom, did you say, Cuckoo a chew? And Tom would say yes I did. But I meant to say. The congressman could not tie his own shoe. But it came out, Cuckoo a chew.
    And Donald has other such words he has created himself. Coffee fever? Coffee is he? Cove Izzy? Come feel freeze? Something like that. Co-Pfeffer? Incomprehensibly fuzzy? It was a new word. That meant, something. He understood. The rest of us were fired. Up with our drones.
    I think Santa Claus is going to send me a government subsidy drone?

  • RemyRAD


    2 ай мурун

    I've been a semiprofessional film stills photographer since I was 15. Developing and printing my own, pic's. And then I ended up working for NBC-TV Network for 20 years. Along with having learned how to fly fixed wing aircraft. With my dad. And now in my retirement at 65. I'm looking to purchase my first (affordable) drone.
    Since I've owned a few 35mm Nikon professional SLR's, over the years. I'm thinking the Air-2, is the one to go with. Most of the quality of the Pro-2 but more with HDR. All in the camera in real time. Which is the way I love to go. Of course doing it in postproduction is also quite gratifying. But it's not in real time. And when you are used to going on the air coast-to-coast and around the world on the satellite. You want everything to look its best. In real time.
    But I am, hard-pressed, financially these days. And while the bigger better units can perform in, hurricane strength winds. And the MAVIC Mini gets blown around. I guess I might not be flying on very windy days. To save a few bucks... Where the MAVIC Mini would provide a reasonable compromise, bang for the buck. But I really want the Air-2. So?
    Now we have the MAVIC Mini-2 coming out in weeks. Hmmm? Yup. I'm in no hurry. So a refurbished MAVIC Mini-1 might be just the ticket for a first timer? Where I can work my techniques and skills out with that. As I did. As a younger, pre-nominated, Audio Engineer. With lesser equipment than I possess today. You can't start with the Lamborghini at 16 years of age. You can even start with the Learjet as your first private airplane. You have to walk before you can run. And I have walked a 50 year path. And know how to evaluate sophisticated electronic equipment.
    And so it's quite obvious to me. Someone at DJI was that, frustrated wannabe Hollywood director. As their stock drones appear to be designed to deliver superior results. In the hands of inexperienced drone cinematographers/videographers. That at least know how to get good shots. And an understanding of actual photography/cinematography/videography. And we are all prone. To read the directions first. To read the manuals, first. Because we are professionals. We are not adult children like other YouTube reviewers and influencers. Hey what's this button on my drone remote do? Oh lookee that. It just crashed. I wonder why? Yeah, well you're not supposed to hit the emergency prop stop button. Without first reading the instruction manual. As most other YouTube reviews, go.
    So it's refreshing to see and hear a highly skilled, seasoned and educated professional like myself. Bravo Sir! You helped me make up my mind. I absolutely want the MAVIC Pro-2 Hasselblad version. For my first drone purchase. But oh well. I'm Jewish. What's on sale? Oh lookee there. They've got refurbished units from DJI with full warranties. I have to purchase what's on sale. I'm Jewish. And retired. I'm sure you understand. When you get to 65. If you're lucky. Most of my friends weren't. That's why I need a drone today. Something that can lift my spirits. Something that can go looking for my friends and my late husband. With beautiful cinematic shots of our gorgeous country we are so lucky that we get to live in and be a part of and vote. As I knew he also liked to fly. As he was also a military and civilian air traffic controller. And we both loved to fly. And now all I can do is take a drone flying at the FUCK of the moon. With shots. Beautiful cinematic shots. That regularly takes my breath away. And one day that will be permanent. When I get back together with my late husband. And when I look at that little face on the MAVIC Air-2. It looks a little bit like him. The MAVIC Mini reminds me of him in his younger years. A little more awkward. Not as much obstacle avoidance. Except downward. Most human beings use a parachute. This MAVIC Mini was smart enough to use a TV camera.
    I mean we are all looking up. While it's looking down. And you know all of those drones are laughing at us. Those things are smarter than most of the drivers on the road.. And they always know where they are. I sure don't. I think I'm here? But I can't be certain? I think I'm drifting. Off to sleep soon. As it's a good thing I am not currently flying a drone.
    I don't think I need a DJI Smart Controller? Because I think I'm smarter? I didn't need a smart phone until earlier this past year. And only because I wanted to watch and capture better video.
    I mean these little drones cost so much money. I think they should have a little LCD/LED display on its tummy. So you can look up and see the picture it's getting. If you have the vision of an Owl, Hawk or Eagle. I don't have that vision. I have cat vision. I can see in the dark. I've spent my entire career, in the dark. No I am not Stevie Wonder. Though I did interview him back in 1982. Unfortunately. An Air Florida, passenger plane. Slammed into the 14th Street Bridge. Right outside of Stevie Wonder's, hotel room. So I had to leave. And try to get eyewitness reports from the dead people in the water. Which didn't work so well. So I had to get them from the police emergency divers, instead. And call that into NBC Radio in New York City. Even though I was in Washington DC and it was a local call to NBC DC. Whom, I was working for at the time. And interviewing Stevie Wonder. Until a plane crash ruined my day and interview. And I had to go to the scene of the crash which was only blocks away. I was the only NBC guy nearby at the time. And then I had to wake up the next morning after being outdoors and suffering from extreme exposure after 18 hours. With fucking Howard Stern on DC 101 FM. Calling the airlines and asking how much a one-way plane ticket was to the 14th Street Bridge. And what their stewardesses ask people. Do they want coffee, tea or, Ice Water? Ha ha ha. That was Not Funny! And he got fired. Only to get a contract that paid millions of dollars. And I had to be looking at dead people floating around inside a fuselage under a freezing over Potomac River. Which I could not see. Floating around inside the fuselage. But the rescue divers told me they were floating around inside the fuselage. And they also could not get to them. Because they only had scuba wetsuits. When they needed scuba dry suits for those kind of frigid temperatures in the water. Whoops. They didn't have any in Washington DC. They had to fly a Maryland state police helicopter to Ocean City, Maryland. To retrieve them from the Coast Guard. DUH! And that was a 3 hour round-trip flight in a Bell Jet Ranger. We all stood around looking at dead people. And I was out there for 18 solid hours. It took me 4 days to recover. From extreme exposure. All I had was a light jacket in the middle of a blizzard. And I don't even remember what I did with that recording of the interview with Stevie Wonder? As the next 5 days were a blur. I think those made it back to the station? Did I those off to Bob? I can't remember from 38 years ago. I just remember celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s new birthday song and then lots of death for days. And Howard Stern gets fired with a multimillion dollar contract later. What the FUCK is going on here? I can't even afford a MAVIC Pro-2. Much less a brand-new MAVIC Mini. And Howard Stern can afford to purchase his own satellite.
    This ain't fair. I need an Air-2. And I can't afford one. Boo-hoo.
    To quote one of my heroes. I may be slow. But I'm sure. In the end. I ended up with Dave Grohl's control room from Sound City, only better. For pennies on the dollar. And when I sell one of my microphones. I can afford 7 MAVIC pro-2's. With the sale of just one of my many vintage collectors German tube microphones. So I'll get there. And I think I'll start with a refurbished MAVIC Mini without the HDR. And I'll just have to do some work in postproduction. Like I used to. More than 12 years ago. Or has that been 15? Let me see how is my senility doing? It's doing good. I'm getting there. Yes I am a retiree now. Isn't that cute? I want to know who the FUCK is responsible for this? I want my money back! I don't want to be 65 anymore! I liked 35 much better. 45 was all right. I will accept 55. But this 65 stuff? MAVIC Mini! Perfect for my 2nd childhood. The older we get the smaller we get. We shrink. Back down to babies again.

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