Japanese Katsu Curry (Pork Cutlet)

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- Thank you so much for watching and extra thanks for Patreon supporters! Curry with rice is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Thank you for the requests and if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section! Cheers!
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【Ingredients】(Serves 2)
-curry sauce-
100g onion
100g apple (or mango, jam, honey, etc...)
20-30g unsalted butter
100ml milk
400-600ml water (adjust the thickness however you like. Any vegetable stock/soup will be good, too)
10g Worcestershire sauce
15g Beef stock
10g beef fat
2tsp flour
1-2 pinch of salt
200-300g rice
-pork cutlet-
200-300g pork
canola oil
(serves 5)
The instruction of my curry spice mix.
200g meat (beef, pork, chicken, etc…)
1 onion
1 potato
1 carrot
5tbsp canola oil
3-5tbsp flour
1 soup stock cube
700ml water
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    Thank you so much for watching and extra thanks for Patreon supporters! Curry with rice is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Thank you for the requests and if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section! Cheers! ご視聴ありがとうございます!リクエストなどがあれば、気軽にコメントでお知らせください。^^

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      My cat loves to watch your videos with me and if your cat runs off the screen he tries to chase them through the tv

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    • Good Gaijin Greg

      Good Gaijin Greg

      6 күн мурун

      I really loved this video! I love living in Japan's rural areas and even though I live here I love seeing it in other videos too. Also, I made my own (mini) Katsu curry video if you'd like to check it out. I'm just starting out but I thought it'd be cool to share a cooking video with someone else who loves cooking. kglove.info/sun/video/fGvVtd6tmtqBrXM.html

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    What sweet merchant ladies, lovely to see their interaction with you. What a great opening scene with the butterfly and dragonfly. You have a gift as a movie maker as well as a chef. Your recipes are wonderful. Subscribed.
    Your cats are so well adjusted and happy. Nice to see them travel with you everywhere on your bike. You must be known as Jun, the Cat Man in your town.
    Since you have so many cats, please allow me to give you some advice about cats. I have been rescuing animals since a young child and had a cat rescue for years. Here is some useful info that took me years to accumulate:
    1. Food for cats: Cooked fish no bones, cooked eggs, cooked meats, some raw good quality ground beef, raw shredded greens like leaf lettuce, kale, spinach and carrots. Some cooked mashed orange type squash like kabocha - if young squash, then cook skin as well. Greek yoghurt. Fish oil like Icelandic Pure Sardine and Anchovy oil 33 oz $20 on Amazon. Keep in fridge, and clean stem of pump to clear gummy oil if it gets stuck. 1-2 squirts of fish oil daily - silky fur, good eyes and skin, good organs. Commercial cat food - minimize this. Give mostly real and fresh foods for best show cat condition. Raw and cooked veggies are needed in diet. Also digestive enzymes from raw vegs.
    If you have some tips, I'd love to know.
    2. Hairballs. Once a year, give a dose of Lecithin for 3-4 weeks continuously to get rid of all hairballs in the gut. Dosage for adult cat is 600 mg Egg Yolk Lecithin 2 x day with food. Lecithin dissolves fat around hair balls. All cats have hair balls. This makes hair balls slimmer so they can pass out in stools or vomit. Lecithin is not a laxative. It is a fat emulsifier, and is in icecream and other food product. 100% natural, very safe, and good for the brain as well. Cats can only take EGG YOLK LECITHIN, not Soy or Sunflower types of Lecithin.
    Humans and dogs can take any kind. Max human dosage is 1200 mg 3 x day with meals. In cats, it takes time to shrink the hairballs, so you need 3- 4 weeks first time. After that give only for 2-3 weeks. The first time I tried Lecithin on a cat, my 19 yr old cat spat out 3 long cigar hairballs after only 2 weeks. For 19 yrs this hair blocked his guts and I did not know! Every cat needs Lecithin. Every cat has hairballs. Once you pass 3 weeks of Lecithin, add some mashed pumpkin or squash to her food so there is enough fiber to push out the hairball. Molasses is also good.
    Most cat problems are due to these above points. Often a cat with hairballs is misdiagnosed as having cancer. Keep the right diet, very fresh foods, wide variety, fish oil, Lecithin once a year, access to outdoors, and no more issues. I love the way your cats are enjoying the cooking show!
    I'm from India, so our curries are much more spicy. Its always amusing to see the Japanese version, so much lighter! Add some punch to your curries by using a few dry roasted and freshly ground Indian spices: cumin, coriander, whole cardamom, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, bay leaves, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh turmeric paste or powder. Chopped or mashed onions. Fry them up, add your broth and apple sauce, and continue. The cutlets look amazing, must try it tonight. I will also use Black Sweet Rice instead of white rice. Not sure why Japanese only use white rice instead of black, red cargo rice, etc. Much more fiber and color and vitamins.

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