Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items...

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Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, MOBS DROP OVERPOWERED ITEMS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one got really intense.
#MinecraftBut​ #MinecraftChallenge #Minecraft

  • denki kaminari

    denki kaminari

    10 мүнөт мурун

    Wisp:god to f3 AHH I'm sorry theat you had to see that me: why heh

  • hufflepuff #3008

    hufflepuff #3008

    21 мүнөт мурун

    He’s so rich he used wood for blocks i while tring to escape lava lol

  • Nils Felipe Vivas Svantesson

    Nils Felipe Vivas Svantesson

    Саат мурун

    Speedrunning school ;)

  • Aaron Lin

    Aaron Lin

    2 саат мурун

    You use that diamond for a shove ):

  • FrostKing Gaming

    FrostKing Gaming

    3 саат мурун

    Imagine a world without minecraft

  • Owen Fischer

    Owen Fischer

    3 саат мурун


  • pooja gulati

    pooja gulati

    3 саат мурун


  • Lenz Arguillon

    Lenz Arguillon

    3 саат мурун


  • Ash


    3 саат мурун

    Him changing his screen we see his Minecraft face

  • That {Potat

    That {Potat

    4 саат мурун

    I got the same seed just a minute ago ;/

  • M Ejaz

    M Ejaz

    5 саат мурун

    srry i left and dislike bcs u burned elytra

  • Arfan Eka Diandra

    Arfan Eka Diandra

    5 саат мурун

    "Goodbye. Get deleted." - Wisp, 2021

  • Snake Vods

    Snake Vods

    6 саат мурун

    ohhhhh, finally! someone who also prefers to fight with an axe! my sister thinks it's weird, but i finally found my true people

  • Rachael Cant

    Rachael Cant

    7 саат мурун

    You could of made a picaxe.....

  • Rachael Cant

    Rachael Cant

    7 саат мурун

    If you saved that 1 diamond in the village...

  • KevinHD123


    7 саат мурун

    Minecraft : gives you a seed with one diamond
    Me : I think I’ll make a shovel as well

  • Chan Yeuang

    Chan Yeuang

    7 саат мурун

    The cold peripheral comparatively frame because gram pathophysiologically work unto a weak plier. exciting exclusive, oval siberian

  • Simply Inaaya

    Simply Inaaya

    7 саат мурун

    When he was about to go in the end ad comes up

  • Oyun Takvimi

    Oyun Takvimi

    8 саат мурун

    big brains: make a mob farm

  • Zach Time

    Zach Time

    8 саат мурун

    I'm your biggest fan (in height 6"10)

  • TJ_TheGamer-YT


    8 саат мурун

    1:30 he left a pice of iron in the chest 🤬

  • Damian Weischnur

    Damian Weischnur

    9 саат мурун

    don't say that you beautiful 1:00

  • _-Vlad_-Negoita_-


    9 саат мурун

    I love this mod, can you please give me it!!! PLEASE!

  • Demafelix Jaymark

    Demafelix Jaymark

    9 саат мурун

    " oh, shut the front door "

  • PRINCE vishwas

    PRINCE vishwas

    9 саат мурун

    What is mening of uu aaa uaaauaaaaaauaua😂😂😂😂

  • Demafelix Jaymark

    Demafelix Jaymark

    9 саат мурун

    This guy shouting is one of the best things I've ever heard

  • Amir Epic Cool

    Amir Epic Cool

    10 саат мурун

    Just saying I liked and subscribed

  • Rollan Zerep

    Rollan Zerep

    13 саат мурун

    It's so hard being survival

  • G0DZ


    15 саат мурун


  • Shadoww


    16 саат мурун

    Bro at 10:26 does anyone else see the FaZe Logo

  • Blu Thundar

    Blu Thundar

    16 саат мурун

    This actually makes sense, this mod means you are more than you really are

  • Henry Barillas Rodriguez

    Henry Barillas Rodriguez

    17 саат мурун

    PLS stop saying we are liveing the dream

  • Juno Hong

    Juno Hong

    18 саат мурун

    caution for minecraft players this contains explicit content
    this man burned 2 elytras AND built a nether portal WITH corners
    again caution for sensitive viewers

  • Andrew Chung

    Andrew Chung

    19 саат мурун

    Y did you did not kill cow or a pig

  • Liam Bullis

    Liam Bullis

    22 саат мурун

    You could have saved the diamond up until you get 2 diamonds then you could make a diamond sword

  • RubOzzy


    22 саат мурун


  • PsyKat777


    22 саат мурун

    Wisp: Minecraft mobs have always dropped terrible items
    Endermen: Are we a joke to you?

  • E3i1


    22 саат мурун

    pls file or how to download it

  • SpiritualSister 1006

    SpiritualSister 1006

    22 саат мурун

    hidious nomask?!

  • Karina Wolcott

    Karina Wolcott

    23 саат мурун

    What key do you press to just put the item in your inventory or a chest immediately I cant figure it out.

  • Tommy Santamaria

    Tommy Santamaria

    23 саат мурун

    You built a diamond spoon what’s a shovel

  • Lucas Avila

    Lucas Avila

    23 саат мурун

    12:44 wisp burns elytras

  • Graham Hallam

    Graham Hallam

    23 саат мурун

    U should’ve made it to where the longer u survive the stronger they get but the better stuff they drop

  • Amanda Bergquist

    Amanda Bergquist

    Күн мурун

    "A ELYTRA!" "oh i dont need anymore" WhAt If It BrEaKs

  • Constantin Munteanu

    Constantin Munteanu

    Күн мурун

    U should do this in a uhc server

  • leigh martin

    leigh martin

    Күн мурун

    Why not taking diamond horse armour

  • Gabriel Kellett

    Gabriel Kellett

    Күн мурун

    what is the mod called?

  • Shabanna Hamid Khan

    Shabanna Hamid Khan

    Күн мурун


  • Reese Mills

    Reese Mills

    Күн мурун

    at 6:16 the bow fixxed itself thats fake binding

  • Furrylobsterplayz 100

    Furrylobsterplayz 100

    Күн мурун


  • ChaoticCyclone


    Күн мурун

    "I am eating a notch apple for fire resistance" then builds over lava

  • OmlandPlayz


    Күн мурун

    omg so gfood video ! !

  • Ninjarioer


    Күн мурун

    I wonder how many times he said we'have done it

  • Limit_ M

    Limit_ M

    Күн мурун

    I was just kidding when I said you can make a nether portal without corners

  • Limit_ M

    Limit_ M

    Күн мурун

    You can use it to repair things don’t burn elytra atleast leave them despawn

  • Julyiam ria Guiang

    Julyiam ria Guiang

    Күн мурун

    wisp can you be my fan pls

  • Limit_ M

    Limit_ M

    Күн мурун

    Since when could you make a portal without corners duh he will make one with corners cause that’s the only way to make that portal thing

  • matan the gamer

    matan the gamer

    Күн мурун

    Me: kill the blazes with your fortune 10 shovel
    Also me: relize that you need looting

  • ebtihajsahwan


    Күн мурун

    wisp do like munters like hunters but theyr mobs they are bots and they follow u or even spawn mobs and theyr is a boss that gives full nethirite sorry cant spell

  • Bounty Hen

    Bounty Hen

    Күн мурун

    Dream's luck be like

  • owigames


    Күн мурун

    wisp pls how to install this?

  • Molly Maclean

    Molly Maclean

    Күн мурун

    14:10 (wisp) oh shoot
    (Audience) hahahahaha
    It’s a pun because shoot like a rocket

  • Rafael Queiroz

    Rafael Queiroz

    Күн мурун

    What is the DataPack?

  • Jumppa Moottori

    Jumppa Moottori

    Күн мурун

    0:55 lol

  • Shayne Jansen

    Shayne Jansen

    Күн мурун

    why. did he not put the fortune on the pickaxe?!

  • adhavanpranav bharathimohan

    adhavanpranav bharathimohan

    Күн мурун

    I love wisp

  • Povein


    Күн мурун

    Has anyone noticed? wisp made a diamond sword but did not use it... lol

  • Ramona Kruger

    Ramona Kruger

    Күн мурун


  • CREPPERgames xd

    CREPPERgames xd

    Күн мурун

    what is the seed

  • funny stunts

    funny stunts

    Күн мурун

    Can you telll me how get the mod plz

  • Bentley Axell Tanzil

    Bentley Axell Tanzil

    Күн мурун

    The reason wisp is doing these kinds of videos is because...

    he is bad at minecraft

  • Nathaniel Houghton

    Nathaniel Houghton

    Күн мурун

    I love wisps content but it is extremely rigged for him

  • ZM - 02CT 889040 Dorset Drive PS

    ZM - 02CT 889040 Dorset Drive PS

    Күн мурун


  • jameelah zoe lumactod

    jameelah zoe lumactod

    Күн мурун

    wisp:omg sorry guys you have to see that
    me: f A c E r E a V e A l

  • Gainsay


    Күн мурун

    man is better than dream by a landslide

  • yun Lyna luo

    yun Lyna luo

    Күн мурун


  • Sassypotatochip


    Күн мурун

    Shoves are the best

  • caramelwatson


    Күн мурун


  • davoud games

    davoud games

    Күн мурун

    A vid idea every time you kill a mob you get creative mode for 3 secs

  • davoud games

    davoud games

    Күн мурун

    The little bow in the corner when he's enchanting another bow

  • stoke player

    stoke player

    Күн мурун

    hes that!!!! rich he made a diamond shovel....

  • Advan Aviantoy

    Advan Aviantoy

    Күн мурун


  • Jael Estrella

    Jael Estrella

    2 күн мурун

    this is why you never make a shovel

  • Sullivan Landy

    Sullivan Landy

    2 күн мурун

    wait what is he doing? oooooh hes living the dream



    2 күн мурун

    Bruh why did he had no mask on

  • Captain Minecraft

    Captain Minecraft

    2 күн мурун

    Lol, https://youtu.be/FehO9lyJqgM?t=54

  • 3Deer


    2 күн мурун

    Keep up the great work

  • Ayden Ortiz

    Ayden Ortiz

    2 күн мурун

    Make a minecraft series

  • Felix Pillay

    Felix Pillay

    2 күн мурун

    He put fortune on a shovel not on a pickaxe and that made me rage

  • Wykellia Howard

    Wykellia Howard

    2 күн мурун

    You should of did UHC

  • youyou 2009

    youyou 2009

    2 күн мурун

    2:18 diamond :(

  • Mark Alex

    Mark Alex

    2 күн мурун

    Imagine gunpowder farms and such... :D

  • Daniel Due

    Daniel Due

    2 күн мурун

    The enthusiastic continent cranially chop because jumper behaviorally need than a ahead taste. illegal, grotesque north korea

  • SerenaBiuBiu :3

    SerenaBiuBiu :3

    2 күн мурун

    fake minecraft speedruns be like :

  • Bryan Sculthorpe

    Bryan Sculthorpe

    2 күн мурун

    You are the best

  • Retr0Ruler102


    2 күн мурун

    infinity x....
    i see something wrong with that sentence... but i just cant tell what... hmmmm

  • Roza Alega

    Roza Alega

    2 күн мурун

    The substantial fly erroneously challenge because c-clamp joly hand anenst a nonstop name. wary, spiffy thing

  • Jash hiranandani

    Jash hiranandani

    2 күн мурун

    apparently he finds golden apples better than netherite

  • Vicki Olsen

    Vicki Olsen

    2 күн мурун

    ur a pleb + a noob wisp Why make a dimond shovel

  • Kaisar Monin

    Kaisar Monin

    2 күн мурун

    wisp under neat of your mask is beautiful