This Is What a "Second-Person" Video Game Would Look Like

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Games shown:
0:01 - Painkiller
0:14 - Phantom Dust
1:19 - Refunct
1:28 - Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
2:17 - Driver: San Francisco
Music used (in order):
TOMISAKI - Pliocene
Sir Cubworth - Orbital Romance
Wayne Jones - Resolution
Autionautix - The Voyage
Asher Fulero - Simmering
Asher Fulero - Peaceful Conclusion
Bad Snacks - The Morning After
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Nick Robinson
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    Nick Robinson

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    • YoHomie Lacked

      YoHomie Lacked

      Күн мурун

      2nd person still looks like first person

    • Chris R

      Chris R

      4 күн мурун

      Now do fourth person.

    • 『·Snuw·』


      6 күн мурун

      10x more today

    • vulpy foxpaw

      vulpy foxpaw

      15 күн мурун

      if siren for ps2 hasent been mentioned you play as a set of characters and some of them have a psychic power to see/ thru the eyes of the enemies and it makes for excelent jumpscares. suddenly walking around a corner and looking thru a zombies eyes as they aim a musket at you.

    • Helsa Vales

      Helsa Vales

      21 күн мурун

      What you labeled as 3rd person would actually have been 2nd person. It goes like this: 1st person is you are looking out the characters eyes, so you don't see your character, and relative to them the world moves around. 2nd person is that you see your character but they are fixed at the center of the screen while the world moves around. The character changing facing is still 2nd person as they are still fixed to the center of the screen while the world moves. 3rd person is that you see the character move around the screen because the world is fixed and does not move. Easy Peasy! :)

  • Gustav Behrens

    Gustav Behrens

    58 мүнөт мурун

    Is This just a resume of the game.. how much money are thet paying you

  • Silenceic


    Саат мурун

    I played a game in the past where your character is on a screen, a live camera footage if i remember, a certain individual is giving instructions to you, you will control your character from what the person is seeing through those camera and monitors. I think that is a second person if my understanding is correct

  • Dr. Pew Pew

    Dr. Pew Pew

    2 саат мурун

    Is XCOM not 2nd person?

  • Milk


    2 саат мурун

    Isn’t second person just third person just closer?

  • bckwrd bass

    bckwrd bass

    4 саат мурун

    VR is second person



    4 саат мурун

    Y’all are over thinking it, if the main character is the first person and the invisible observer is the third person, then the second person is the enemy or antagonist so in other words you would be playing against the main character so you would be the villain trying to stop the main character who is trying to win

  • Zrcalo Sveta

    Zrcalo Sveta

    6 саат мурун

    zork is a second player game.

  • Eli I Guess

    Eli I Guess

    6 саат мурун

    A year later,
    I still really like this video

  • Wut Guy Creations

    Wut Guy Creations

    7 саат мурун

    Minecraft: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  • mmm6325


    8 саат мурун

    This happens in Resident Evil 3 remake for a few seconds when Nemesis takes a piece of wall and chases you. The camera switches to Nemesis point of view and you are running infront of him.

  • KakaNo Kami

    KakaNo Kami

    8 саат мурун

    This was unnecessarily scary for me, I think it was because I was watching real life horrors explained

  • Geofandra A.P.W 17

    Geofandra A.P.W 17

    8 саат мурун

    How many times did youtube recommend this?, its not like that i hate it, i already know whats the content in this video

  • Mrbobbyjones


    10 саат мурун

    Mans just did a ready player 1

  • Wasabi_Me


    15 саат мурун

    Bravo for making a racing video game glitch sound so poetic. I almost cried, then stopped once I realized that I was about to cry over a YouTube video about a dude playing Driver Sf.

  • Dennis Hawthorne

    Dennis Hawthorne

    15 саат мурун

    You're making it more complicated then it really is. By definition of camera angle, your driver example, is still 3rd person. The best example of 2nd person, would be generally, with some exeptions, your 8, 16, 32 bit games like Pong, Pitfall, Super Mario Bros, Contra, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, ect.... You have a camera angle, usually a straight down, or directly from the side, controlling a character moving across the screen. Then yes 1st person is camera angle from the characters point of view, and 3rd person, a moveable camera around your character. Video games are based on camera angle giving you perspective, not your movement on camera.

  • Vale Brücken

    Vale Brücken

    15 саат мурун

    I'm sure someone's already commented this, but... Super Mario 64?

  • MrJaks


    17 саат мурун

    the 2nd person on the thumbnail looks cool

  • Ian Martin

    Ian Martin

    18 саат мурун

    what if minecraft did it and dream did it with a speedrun on

  • 01etrain


    18 саат мурун

    Gta v has 2nd person view.

  • PedRepper


    19 саат мурун

    Before Your Eyes is a perfect example of a second person game

  • cleb


    19 саат мурун

    Could gtas cinematic view be second person?

  • crispy chips

    crispy chips

    21 саат мурун

    I think that vr is 2 person because u are the carachter and u are not stering anybody

  • Droklop


    23 саат мурун

    Gud video

  • SoyFranUwU


    Күн мурун

    So basically you need a spectator in the game who follows you as the cam, while you do you. In 3rd person games there's always an omnipresent being as the cam who follows you. Is not that difficult to develop.

  • YoHomie Lacked

    YoHomie Lacked

    Күн мурун

    Soo 2nd person is basically 1st person 😭

  • Mustafa ÜNLÜ

    Mustafa ÜNLÜ

    Күн мурун

    I guess 2nd person view is seeing things by enemy eyes

  • civilwarfare101


    Күн мурун

    Siren also has 2nd person gameplay

  • Adrian Durn

    Adrian Durn

    Күн мурун

    Zork, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Colossal Caves, Hunt the Wumpus...

  • Jumuno _

    Jumuno _

    Күн мурун

    We’ve seen 2D games.
    We’ve seen 3D games...
    Now what does a 4D game look like

  • Kxng Alex

    Kxng Alex

    Күн мурун

    i miss driver san francisco

  • Ollie Sherress

    Ollie Sherress

    Күн мурун

    All the old text adventure games are second person. You walk forward, you see a castle and a lake, ahead of you are three paths...

  • Rodrigo Medina Gazca

    Rodrigo Medina Gazca

    Күн мурун

    All this you said can be achieved if you use the cinema mode in GTA V and the police chase you, the chase is seen in second person, This second person function can be used from the Xbox 350 version to the PC version, it has been around since day 1 and nobody has paid attention to it.

  • Shyam Srini

    Shyam Srini

    Күн мурун

    The original resident evil games...

  • Silent Discretion

    Silent Discretion

    Күн мурун

    This video keeps getting recommended to me. However only once I've forgotten about it entirely, will it pop back up, causing me watch it yet again. I believe I've seen this video 4 times now. And I'll see you all again in the near future.

  • raW -

    raW -

    Күн мурун

    nothing like a pirate bay website before a vpn ad, very good lol

  • Tyler Brisky

    Tyler Brisky

    Күн мурун

    So knida like the original resident evil games? You view your character from security cameras in those ones

  • willay b

    willay b

    Күн мурун

    black ops cold war campaign does that

  • One dB

    One dB

    Күн мурун

    Took me a while but I finally get it a 2nd person game would have to be a game where someone or something is the camera looking at you while you play the game and control the person the “camera” is looking at but not the camera itself since it would be its own entity.

  • curromp9


    Күн мурун

    but that's just third person but

  • Cloud Bank

    Cloud Bank

    2 күн мурун

    i thought second person was like side scrollers

  • Jaumander


    2 күн мурун

    well, I guess at least he's passionate about it.

  • kampkrieger


    2 күн мурун

    there are no stupid questions, except for those who are dump

  • Visually Edited

    Visually Edited

    2 күн мурун

    This was awesome

  • Boopie324


    2 күн мурун

    But, isn’t VR technically 2nd person?

  • ERW Productions

    ERW Productions

    2 күн мурун

    This reminds me of the Ellie vs Abby fight.

  • Luka Pitkänen

    Luka Pitkänen

    2 күн мурун

    Isn’t that drive chase mission kinda just third person if you take out the vehicle where you are looking from?

  • H. H.C

    H. H.C

    2 күн мурун

    2nd Perspective? 1st perspective of your buddy watching you die, good luck playing

  • Crow


    2 күн мурун

    Would the Stanley parable be considered a 2nd person game?

  • Sean Mckenna

    Sean Mckenna

    2 күн мурун

    I gotta say man, there's this video game for ps2, called RAD, or robot alchemist drive, and I'm pretty sure that's a better example and much older example of a 2nd person game, you take control of a giant robot and you fight with it, but wherever you are standing is the view you get and the perspective you get, if your standing on the sidewalk you control it from the sidewalk and gotta somehow adjust, now personally playing that game I always sat ontop of robots head or shoulders so that it was close to a third person perspective , but if you weren't on the robot it's a real weird perspective def like the 2nd person you are talking about and it can be really strange to try and fight and operate the robot from that perspective for sure, it's weird as hell, kinda like your a bystander watching something but you're controlling the movements of what you're watching def was always easier to sit on the robot so your views kinda aligned, I dunno if you'd find a way to check that game out but you can play the whole game "2nd person" it would just be fairly hard

  • incog


    2 күн мурун

    2nd person is not a thing

  • Harshit Kanojiya

    Harshit Kanojiya

    2 күн мурун

    I didn't even thought that something like this (second person)can also be there

  • Autarch Kade

    Autarch Kade

    2 күн мурун

    This doesn't seem very different than third person. Just the camera placement changed. It's like calling Mario 64 a second person game

  • PopsicleGod


    2 күн мурун

    Another example would be the original resident evil games; 1, 2, and 3. where camera angles change right? Wouldn't that be considered 2nd person.

  • usermsj17p7axw


    2 күн мурун

    Using cinematic vehicle cam during a police chase in gta is a form of 2nd person gaming

  • Russell Schaaf

    Russell Schaaf

    2 күн мурун

    Technically you are the camera man in super Mario 64 so ima say that counts!

    • Semper Expecto

      Semper Expecto

      2 күн мурун

      Lmao, I also thought about that.

  • Russell Schaaf

    Russell Schaaf

    2 күн мурун

    Uhhhh we already have this. GTA V when you press B/ circle while driving & get the perspective of the cops??? Hello

  • Xeroxz[AMG]


    2 күн мурун


  • CidilTheBox


    2 күн мурун

    I'm a fucking idiot, I saw "2nd perspective", and I thought "that's easy, it's 2D".

  • C Riz

    C Riz

    2 күн мурун

    Gta5's cinematic camera! Enough said to those who know!

  • dreamy VA

    dreamy VA

    3 күн мурун

    whoa, it feels like you broke the fourth wall- like you completely just by-passed the rules and boundaries of the game... i dont know but it feels so different, and strange
    i dont know how to explain it further but wow
    it's like a character in a story figuring out that they're just in a game, and then they try to escape that and and end up completely breaking it,, idk-
    so strange, so fourth-wall'y

  • L0C0


    3 күн мурун

    Im cool with both, don't need the second thx

  • CannedLaughter


    3 күн мурун

    This video popped up in my auto play and I know I'm late to the game but... Didn't "Trover Saves the Universe" come out in early 2019? That entire game is written in 2nd person.

  • C Chantal

    C Chantal

    3 күн мурун

    This is an amazing video! Thank you

  • Jadniel Rivera

    Jadniel Rivera

    3 күн мурун


  • Kyleigh Campbell

    Kyleigh Campbell

    3 күн мурун

    Second person is popular in self indulgent fan fiction, too. I should know, I read a lot of it 😅

  • Kain Patel

    Kain Patel

    3 күн мурун

    Social justice warriors and feminists be like.....what about a they game huh.

  • Nick C

    Nick C

    3 күн мурун

    Seems like stalker horror games would be good for this - trying to escape a monster while only being able to see what it sees. Or maybe simultaneous 1st and 2nd person views, which would be a cool way of showing psychic/telepathic abilities in a character.

  • Kevin Pereira

    Kevin Pereira

    3 күн мурун

    Bro, 1st person + 3st person =4 st person
    2st person = 1st person x2
    Or the 2st person is to watch gameplays or its a FPS but you control others characters at the same time

  • Dominic Thompson

    Dominic Thompson

    3 күн мурун

    This makes me think of a video game based on the mechanics of Tenet, like seeing your past self, but you're controlling your past self (inverted self).

  • LoFi LowTide

    LoFi LowTide

    3 күн мурун

    Believe it or not, there is one game that I know of that uses the second person perspective, albeit very briefly. In Ape Escape, the final boss of the main story has an attack where the camera switches to HIS perspective, and he begins attacking you while your controls remain the same, meaning you are effectively working in reverse. It’s super creative and original, and I have yet to see anything like it since.

  • E030E03


    3 күн мурун

    does that mean SM64 is a 2nd person?

  • M4ngekyou


    3 күн мурун

    When i was Young i thought that Second person was the shoulder câmera. Like gears of war

  • MrCouchPotato


    3 күн мурун

    I think its a lot simpler than that. Just take for example minecraft, there are three views of the player, first person, which is the main view, third person, which is the second time you f5, and finally, we have what i supose is second person, and the best example of it

  • JAGUAR _

    JAGUAR _

    3 күн мурун

    Minecraft has 2nd person. The one that people use for their intros

  • Dr. Johnny

    Dr. Johnny

    3 күн мурун

    That can be a part of 2nd person but in reality is wrong.
    The 2nd person is normally like in an conversation the person directly interacting with "you"
    Watching yourself through the eyes of the merchant.
    Being on the other side of the barrel, while being shoot in the face.
    See that's the problem with 2nd person.
    Let's take Fallout as an example.
    A game that has 1st and 3rd perspective while 1st is obviously the character himself and 3rd can be a neutral spectator, camera or a drone following you, 2nd person is the one directly in front of the player like a mirror.
    It would be hard to play a game where you see yourself as the enemy that gets shot all the time.
    The camera would have to jump from enemy to enemy all the time or from 1st to 2nd person.
    In that case it would be very confusing and that's the reason it's rarely used.
    An good example for 2nd person is, being tortured by your enemy while watching your character through the enemies eyes.
    Not some jump in another body and watching yourself nonsense.
    That's something completely different.
    Sorry for bad English but that is 2nd person and everyone who had some grammar lessons in school should know about that, so the whole point of this video is kinda wrong and unnecessary.

  • KiyoshiVr


    3 күн мурун

    2nd person is birds eye view

  • kitten gamermeaw

    kitten gamermeaw

    3 күн мурун


  • Maxwell Kowal

    Maxwell Kowal

    3 күн мурун

    There's a moment in R&C 3 where you're playing as Ratchet from the perspective of a monster. Don't know if that counts

  • Noah Choi

    Noah Choi

    3 күн мурун

    Crash bandicoot was second person for a time

  • That Pangolin

    That Pangolin

    3 күн мурун

    Making a full game like that would be hard and not very practical. Definitely conceptually interesting though. The best plot I can think of is kind of a fantasy rpg where you play as the hero but the story is told from the perspective of the hero’s right hand man.
    Maybe there’s a point where the right hand man plans to betray the protag wnd you’re the only one who knows and you have to lead your oblivious hero to survive their wrath?
    Or maybe it’s a game where it’s more of a self examination as we see you from the perspective of those around you and see whether your a hero or a villain in their eyes?

  • Guilherme Saldanha

    Guilherme Saldanha

    3 күн мурун

    Hey... tecnichaly the old R.E. games are 2nd person games?

  • karen knight

    karen knight

    3 күн мурун

    So the oragen trail game is second person

  • Sebastián Villalobos

    Sebastián Villalobos

    4 күн мурун

    What the ACTUAL fuck? This is deep.

  • rahul kumar

    rahul kumar

    4 күн мурун

    its funny how the speedometer for hummer is also showing the metrics of dodge

  • joe kanaan

    joe kanaan

    4 күн мурун

    or just play minecraft and press f5 two times 😊

  • Christian Daniel

    Christian Daniel

    4 күн мурун

    So 2nd person is you’re dead lol...wouldn’t be a terrible idea for a game I think. You’re a spirit and you have to watch yourself (while you control yourself) make all the stoopid decisions you ever made. You get to switch to first and be the spirit and try to change things for yourself while demons keep trying to stop you from saving yourself (all the weird spooky noises you heard in your house was just you)

  • アイエテリン


    4 күн мурун

    second person game would be boring as you wouldn't be playing the game rather you would be just giving instructions

  • Pj Engram

    Pj Engram

    4 күн мурун

    Isn’t there 2nd person in Minecraft??

  • The Highlander

    The Highlander

    4 күн мурун

    This is a stupid video. 2nd person doesn't exist. FPS and TPS is just a name for style of view. There doesn't have to be a second person

  • Bailey Hartog

    Bailey Hartog

    4 күн мурун

    Is this not just 3rd person?

  • Diego P r s

    Diego P r s

    4 күн мурун

    Well, putting that way, any 3rd person game can be a 2nd person game, you're just not seeing the person (camera) following you. It's more of a concept idea, really, so adding the concept of being followed into the story and adding hands/arms to the camera could turn a 3rd person game into a 2nd person one.



    4 күн мурун

    I thought games with room fixed camera are second person games, like resident evil 1

  • Abhiram CD

    Abhiram CD

    4 күн мурун

    and there's me who had no idea that I was literally driving the car in my view 🤣

  • Mr. Biscuit

    Mr. Biscuit

    4 күн мурун

    Driver San Francisco costs an arm and a leg now...

  • Gamerlord 77

    Gamerlord 77

    4 күн мурун

    What about Minecraft second person

  • Krispies Chicken

    Krispies Chicken

    4 күн мурун

    Trover saves the universe is a 2nd person game.

  • Edythe Connor

    Edythe Connor

    4 күн мурун

    Trover Saves the Universe is entirely 2nd person.

  • Kelsey Shannon

    Kelsey Shannon

    4 күн мурун

    I wonder if King's Quest would be a 2nd person game?

  • Spugnox Ngubcux

    Spugnox Ngubcux

    4 күн мурун

    Pac-Man 2